Memory Care, Luxurious Living and Thoughtfulness Should Go Hand-in-Hand

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Assisted Living

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Maybe you are one of thousands who find themselves seeking care for a loved one with memory or cognitive decline. Perhaps you are looking for yourself. You want a place where you or your spouse can be safe. However, you want more than just that. Luxury apartments, exquisite cuisine, plenty of enriching programs, and lots of opportunities to socialize are important to you, too. Elderly care in Melbourne, FL, is more than just a room with a bed and a nursing staff. This will be your home. You should feel secure, loved and happy here.

What to Expect

It is important that you expect the best when you are looking for a memory care home. You can expect things like respect, dignity and compassion. Other important elements of your life need to be included, too. Things like your health and well-being, your social life, and your activities should be maintained to the standard you are accustomed to. Set your standards high and expect:

  • Engaging Programs
  • Art Classes
  • Fitness Programs
  • Gardening
  • Culinary Classes
  • Music Therapy

New Techniques

Elderly care in Melbourne, FL, has advanced greatly in the last decade. New research is helping to reach those who have impaired memory. Through music, for instance, memories are retrieved that relate to a specific song (like a wedding song or dance.) Through period displays like a WWII Army uniform, people can go back to when they proudly served our country. Art can help you or your loved one to express their emotions through paintings or other genres.

The nursing staff also embrace new techniques to help your loved one feel connected and important. Using silhouettes, a resident’s important life moments and achievements can be utilized to help them remember the things of life that made them happy. Peaceful music, nature sounds, the smells of freshly ground coffee – all of the senses are used to help you or your loved one feel relaxed, included and safe.

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