Living in a Residential Setting as Part of Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach, FL

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Addiction Treatment

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After initial Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach FL, clients may realize going directly home is risky for their continued recovery process. A treatment center like Nextep has the advantage of providing ongoing residential services for people becoming acclimated to sobriety. The residential settings are relatively private, typically with six to 12 roommates of the same gender sharing a house. Residents can expect to share a bedroom, but there are enough bathrooms in the houses for everyone’s convenience.

Freedom and Structure

The arrangement offers more freedom than is true of residential rehabilitation facilities¬†but also provides the structure newly recovering alcoholics benefit from. Residents are required to participate in 12-step programs and to follow specific housing guidelines. For instance, these individuals must be productive and contribute to the household’s upkeep.


In this type of residential Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach FL, people living in the houses generally must be gainfully employed, actively seeking work, or be attending school full time. Clients receiving disability payments are welcome as long as they contribute significantly to the household in some way or become involved in community service.

Sitting around idly is not conducive to staying sober. Having a structured schedule is advantageous for keeping a person’s mind off drinking and alcohol-related activities. In addition to productive activities outside the home, all residents are expected to complete various projects around the house that may include cleaning, yard work, and home improvement projects.

Focusing on Progress

In some ways, this lifestyle is like being with roommates who are all attending a college or university while abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and partying. Everyone is concentrating on their goals for the future and aiming for success. They are unwilling to disrupt their lives for foolish endeavors that are unhealthy and undermine their progress.

Time Frame

Living in this type of supportive atmosphere is an effective way of staying clean and sober during the initial stages of recovery. That time frame differs for everyone. Some individuals feel fully able to leave the community within a month or two, while others stay much longer. Visit the website to view photos of the homes and to learn all about this kind of residential alcohol treatment program.

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