Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

by | May 24, 2017 | Health

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The laser hair removal process is common growing procedure that permanently eliminates hair. Using lasers, the energy is pulsed onto the skin and the hair follicle is destroyed. The procedure is precise and with relatively little pain. Expect to have it completed in more than one session as your body can only take a certain amount of laser and radiation at one time.


Prepping for laser hair removal requires that you do not tweeze or wax your hair. You cannot take any hair out at the root since it could hinder the hair growth needed to start treatment. You can still shave, as it does not affect the hair under the skin.

You are also expected to stop any form of tanning, from laying out in the sun to lotions and serums. The altering of your skin pigment will make it tougher to discern hair from skin. Therefore, no sun or UV exposure for at least four to six weeks before treatment.

Before treatment begins, your healthcare specialist will instruct you to shave the area to be treated and may provide you with oral medication to take if necessary.

Laser hair removal in Chicago is offered in numerous facilities across the city. Make sure you choose a medical office that meets all of your needs.

During Treatment

The laser will be calibrated according to your skin color, hair color and location of the hair. A gel will be applied to the area or laser instrument. This protects the skin and also enables better laser penetration. The instrument allows the laser to pass through the skin, damaging the hair follicle. The laser will come in pulses and applied by your healthcare professional for a predetermined amount of time.

Post Treatment

After treatment, there may be tenderness and swelling.  You may be instructed to ice the area or may be given anti-inflammatory medication or cream. Avoiding sunlight, is mandatory and you will be expected to use sunscreen while you are outside.

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