Guidance, Support, And Help to Avoid Relapse: Long-Term Sobriety Coach

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Mental Health Service

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For many, coaches have become a necessary part of success. That includes personal, professional, academic, and addiction. For alcoholics, sobriety coaches are vital. They offer guidance, support and help the addicted person avoid relapsing.

Some things that families or persons should look for in a coach include:

Be Available to the Addicted Person

A person dealing with addiction has moments of weakness multiple times a day. They need a coach whom they can call 24/7. There should be no hesitation in a coach to talk a person through a crisis.

Work with the Entire Family

A family looking to find a sober coach looks for someone who is willing to work with the entire family on coping mechanisms.

Help the Addicted Person Develop New Routines

To have success with recovery, addicts need to find a sober coach who can help them develop new routines. That should include finding new ways to celebrate as well as new ways to relieve stress.

Provide Transportation to Addicted Person

Regardless of the status of the addicted person, transportation to and from appointments and meetings is vital.

Attend Meetings with the Addicted Person

In addition to 12-step programs and meetings, there are other resources for an addicted person. Having a coach makes the meetings less awkward or lonely.

Having a coach is a great way to ensure recovery success. Some tips on what to look for in a sobriety coach are listed above. Drew Horowitz & Associates, LLC helps ensure a long-term recovery for an addicted person and can be reached for more information.

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