Getting The Best in Connecticut Hair Transplantation Services

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Hair Restoration

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Losing hair because of genetics, age, medical reasons, hormones, or stress can be a difficult problem to cope with for both men and women. Since we are accustomed to defining ourselves based on our appearance, significant alterations in appearance because of hair loss can have a substantial impact on identity and self-esteem.

Coping with Hair Loss

While there are a wide variety of ways people cope with hair loss, one of the most common ways is to try to make the hair grow back. While this can happen depending on the reason for the hair loss and, on many occasions, the best solution is hair transplant in Connecticut .

For people who are likely to have an ongoing struggle with hair loss, hair transplantation can be one of the most effective long term solutions. Unlike other treatments for hair loss, hair transplantation provides a safe and effective long term solution.

Hair Transplantation

The hair transplant process takes hair from healthy parts of the scalp and transplants the follicle and the hair into the part of the scalp that has suffered from hair loss. This allows patients to have a permanent solution to their hair loss, and the opportunity to have their full head of hair grow back.

With hair transplantation, patients gain the ability to feel they don’t have to try to adjust their hairstyle to make up for their hair loss. Instead, patients that have a hair transplantation procedure have complete flexibility to style their hair any way they choose with little worry of exposing bald spots.

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