Foot And Ankle Surgery in Bonita Springs, FL, for Fractures in Teenagers

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Healthcare

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When a teenager fractures a foot or ankle bone, surgery may be required if the break is particularly serious. Teens typically experience this type of injury during athletic activities, especially those involving jumping and landing with significant impact on the feet. Foot and ankle surgery in Bonita Springs, FL, is provided by podiatrists, commonly referred to as foot doctors.


Basketball, soccer and pole vaulting are three main examples of activities that can lead to fractures in the feet and ankles. Teenagers who participate in gymnastics, skating at a competitive level and ballet dancing also are at greater risk. A large amount of stress is put on the feet and ankle joints in all of these activities.


Some bone breaks can be healed by wearing a specialized boot or keeping the foot and ankle immobilized with a cast. Other fractures are severe enough that surgical repair is necessary.


Because the body is still growing, fractures must be carefully evaluated and treated by a doctor who performs foot and ankle surgery in Bonita Springs, FL. Injuries that can affect a bone growth plate can disrupt future growth if not treated properly.

Ankle Sprains

Ligament tears during ankle sprains are more common in adults than in teenagers. The younger body has looser ligaments that are more flexible and less prone to serious injury. Surgery is rarely required for an ankle sprain in an adolescent.

The website provides information on Kelly Malinoski, DPM, a podiatrist who diagnoses and treats these kinds of injuries.

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