Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas: Restoring a Youthful Appearance with Improved Cosmetic Surgeries for Facelifts and Forehead Lifts

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Healthcare

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Aging is a process no one can avoid. Facial Plastic Surgery Dallas decelerates the aging process. The skin on the face and neck loses elasticity in aging. Sagging skin in these areas is a prominent sign of aging. A face and neck lift reverses that. A procedure called rhytidectomy tightens the skin in a soft and natural looking way. Facial Plastic Surgery in Dallas produces practical results with the patient having a clear understanding of what to expect. When patients for cosmetic surgery have a complete understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and what they cannot achieve from surgery, they can make fully informed decisions.

A rhytidectomy smooths the contours of the jawline and jowls. Plastic surgery has changed in comparison to procedures done long ago. Large incisions and the manner in which skin is repositioned made the face appear unnaturally pulled back. In past years, the art of performing plastic surgery with a natural looking restoration of youth had not been mastered yet. Plastic surgeons found a better place to make incisions where the tissue is thicker and connected to a portion of muscles in the neck. The skin is not overstretched and creates just the right hoist for the face. Dermal tissue adheres to the other thick layer of skin where the incision is made and follows in the same direction the surgeon repositions the contours of the face. There is less bruising and an easier recovery with a smaller incision. The skin is raised to a moderate elevation which makes improvements look more natural. Click here for more details about the professional facial plastic surgery in Dallas.

The brows and forehead can visibly show signs of aging prematurely. Deep lines and wrinkling of the forehead alone can make a person look much older. Blepharoplasty involves elevation of the forehead with removal of excess skin on the brows. A heavy look about the forehead and brows can put a permanent expression on the face that makes a person look mad. The most recent and preferred method for surgery is with several half inch incisions in the rear part of the hairline. Incisions made in that area are not as invasive and avoids numbing of scalp tissue. Surgery is completed in an hour’s time with fantastic results of a younger and softer facial appearance. Contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas for more information.

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