Explore Your Options for Transman Top Surgery

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Transgender Surgeons

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Transmen have various options when transitioning to help align their physical appearance with their gender identity. One of the most significant steps in the transition process is transman top surgery, also known as female-to-male top surgery. The following will help you choose the right option.

Double Incision Mastectomy

Most individuals undergoing transman top surgery rely on a double incision mastectomy. This procedure involves making two horizontal incisions on the chest, one at the inframammary fold and another near the pectoral muscle. Excess breast tissue is removed through these incisions, and the remaining skin is reshaped to create a flatter, more masculine chest.

Keyhole or Periareolar Technique

The keyhole or periareolar technique may be a suitable option for individuals with smaller breasts or less excess tissue. This technique involves making a small incision around the areola, through which the breast tissue is removed. This approach leaves minimal scarring and is ideal for those with good skin elasticity and minimal excess skin.

T-Sculpting or Buttonhole Technique

The T-sculpting or buttonhole technique is a newer approach to transman top surgery. It involves creating a T-shaped incision, with one horizontal incision at the inframammary fold and a vertical incision extending upward. This technique allows for more customization in shaping the chest and can be particularly beneficial for individuals with larger breasts or excessive skin.

Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

In addition to removing breast tissue, transman top surgery offers nipple and areola reconstruction. This step is crucial in creating a more natural-looking chest. Surgeons can resize and reposition the nipples to match the desired aesthetic outcome, allowing transmen to feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

If you’re considering transman top surgery, visit The International Center for Transgender Care website.

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