Deciding on Hospice Instead of Traditional Health Care Services Stockbridge, GA

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Home Health Care Service

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The decision to put a loved one in hospice care is up to the family. It isn’t an easy one to make but it’s important to remember that hospice and palliative care were made for comfort. This is when traditional health care services Stockbridge, GA is not enough any longer. With hospice care, a loved one will have each of their needs overlooked by a qualified caregiver. There are those who come to the home and aid and then there are facilities that offer a home-like setting. Either way, a loved one will receive treatment for pain, assistance with daily tasks, as well as emotional support. The question remains when to make that call. Below are the signs to watch for.

Terminal Diagnosis

Everyone wants to believe that their loved one will improve. It’s hard to imagine them heading into the last days of their lives. In situations where a person has six months or less to live, hospice care is the best way to make their remaining time as easy as possible. The transition from hospital to hospice is best done sooner rather than later. Early action allows caregivers a chance to determine the best quality of care for the patient.

Progressive Decline

Sometimes an individual doesn’t need to be told that their condition isn’t going to improve. They may sense and make peace with this. Many times, they decide not to prolong a disease. This is very common with age-related illnesses. While they may want to go home, this doesn’t mean that they are refusing comfort. Hospice care will allow a loved one to live out the rest of their days to the fullest.

Gradually Declining

After a physician has done all that they can do, some people still do not show any signs of improvement. They might be losing weight quickly, feeling pain, or have repeat hospitalizations. A doctor might not come right out and say this unless a family member asks about their prognosis. Depending on the answer, it might be time to consider switching the priority from cure to comfort.

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