Common Supplies That Can Be Found for Home Care in Mississauga Stores

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Home Health Care

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When you’re working as a home care agent, there are a few supplies that you want to have in your bag when you visit each client’s home. After meeting each client, you can add more items to your bag depending on the specific needs of the person. These are only a few examples of some of the home health care products at Mississauga stores that you can use at each visit.

Assistance with Falls

There are items that you can have with you that assist in preventing falls from occurring whether you’re in someone’s home or if you’re working in a nursing facility. These supplies include belts that are placed around the person’s waist so that you have better control of their movements and canes or walkers that can give clients the support needed when walking.


While working in someone’s home, you never know when an emergency could occur or if an injury might occur. A first-aid kit can be kept in your bag with your other supplies and can be used until you’re able to take the person to a doctor or to a local hospital if the situation is severe. Items in the kit can include bandages, ointments, and antibiotic sprays. When you’re getting home health care products at Mississauga stores, consider the items that you know you might need based on the illness or disability regarding your client.


Make sure you have access to the medications that the client needs to take during the day. If you notice that the client is out of a certain medication, then you should contact the person’s doctor in order to obtain a refill. You should also have a few basic medications on hand that can help treat various health complications, such as pain relievers or items that can be used for an upset stomach.

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