Characteristics of a Pharmaceutical-Grade Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Weight Loss

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A prescription Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY provides sufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. It can make a big difference in how energetic and healthy a person feels while eating a low-calorie diet to lose weight. Medical weight loss programs often include these products so clients get the nutrition they need while not eating as many calories as they otherwise would. Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are higher quality than those generally purchased from the shelves at drugstores and supermarkets. They come with a guarantee of purity and that they contain the precise amounts of ingredients as specified on the label. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplement products as stringently as it does medication, so the components of lower-quality products may not exactly match what is listed on the packaging.

A high-quality Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY does not contain fillers, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. It typically will not include any gluten or animal-based components, since so many individuals should not or will not consume those substances. Some of the cheaper products on the market contain items such as dextrose, chemical dyes, propylene glycol and sodium benzoate. That won’t happen with supplements provided through a weight loss program such as those offered by InShapeMD. Interested individuals may click here to learn more about this particular organization.

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements typically are fresher than many of the more familiar brands are and much further from the expiration date. Nutritional products are more powerful when they are fresh. Even if they continue to be safe for consumption for some time past the expiration date, they are no longer as effective at providing the levels of nutrients on the labeling. Dietary supplements for people trying to lose weight often have high levels of certain components, such as vitamin C and various types of vitamin B. Vitamin C is essential for preventing various health problems and it is known for boosting immunity. The B vitamins are crucial for a variety of bodily processes, and some of those vitamins boost energy. That extra amount included in the tablets or capsules is relatively pointless if the quality has deteriorated.

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