Benefits of Chemical Peel in South Atlanta

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Health

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A chemical peel in South Atlanta when done by a professional can come with a wide range of benefits. Chemical peels in South Atlanta can help to restore your skin. A professional with experience has the knowledge to provide you with this treatment and help to improve your skin.

What is It?

A chemical peel is a gentle acid that removes the upper most layer of your skin to reveal the younger skin underneath.

What Can It Help?

This treatment can help to:

    Remove dead dry skin
*     Reveal younger skin underneath
    Even out skin tone
*     Remove superficial wrinkles
*     Correct skin tone
    And more

This is a simple solution to a wide range of cosmetic issues.

Even Out the Skin Tone

Age spots, uneven skin tone and more can be addressed with a chemical peel. The results are fast and permanent.

Restore a Youthful Appearance

This treatment will remove the top layers of skin safely and reveal younger looking skin. The upper layers of your skin are exposed to all types of environmental stressors that can cause premature aging, but luckily younger skin is waiting right beneath the surface to be discovered. A chemical peel sloughs away the older damaged layers of skin.

Its Simple and Quick

It is a non-invasive process that requires very little recovery time, the only caveat is to avoid harsh chemicals after the peel and limit sun exposure. Most people have no side effects from this treatment. Bella Medical Aesthetic PC offers this treatment option and many more. When you meet with the professionals at Bella Medical Aesthetics PC they will go over all of the treatment options for your specific skin and aesthetic goals! Youthful glowing skin is waiting to be exposed a chemical peel will reveal it!

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