A Home Occupational Therapy in Fayetteville GA Provides Activities For Dementia Patients

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Health

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Home occupational therapy in Fayetteville, GA can be beneficial for a person afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. The therapy helps these individuals maintain and even enhance physical and mental functioning. It gives them an additional chance to socialize. It allows them to find new ways to enjoy life when they no longer can do some of the activities they used to participate in.

About Dementia

The main symptom of dementia is the decline of memory, especially short-term memory, and general mental ability. Personality changes can start to take place. Many people suffering from these disorders feel frustrated and angry as the disease progresses, as they are aware something is terribly wrong. Some become combative with people around them.

General Occupational Therapy Service

Practitioners with occupational therapy in Fayetteville, GA help their clients continue to work with their motor skills and live as independently as possible. They evaluate the person’s safety in regard to behavior while nobody else is there.

Productive Activity

Impacted individuals typically continue feeling a strong need to be productive when the disease is in the mild to moderate stages. They can be encouraged to perform easier tasks around the home that do not require a great deal of mental ability. Folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher are examples. They might like to put simple jigsaw puzzles together or play easy card games with the therapist.

Often, these persons have no trouble dressing but may become confused when faced with a large number of options. The therapist might select a small number of outfits from which the client can choose.


Occupational therapy provided by practitioners with an organization such as Prohealth Physical Therapy And Pilates Studio typically hold these sessions earlier in the day, before the client is tired out. Dementia patients commonly experience a problem known as sundowning, in which they become restless and agitated around early evening. Medical experts theorize this time of day triggers subconscious memories of being busy with making supper and other activities. Family members and other caretakers who are there during those times can help by giving the person something productive to do.

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