A Chiropractic Pain Management Specialist in Apache Junction AZ Provides a Variety of Effective Strategies

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Health

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A chiropractor is considered a back and neck pain management specialist in Apache Junction AZ. Chiropractic care includes spinal adjustments and manipulation, physical medicine and spinal decompression. The therapies are considered safe and especially effective for acute back pain, or pain that develops suddenly due to an injury, strain or repetitive motion issue. Although acute pain commonly goes away by itself eventually, many people don’t want to deal with it for several weeks. They seek help from chiropractors so they experience speedy recovery and can return to their normal activities.

A spinal adjustment can look and feel dramatic, but essentially, it involves the use of sudden force in a methodical manner. The adjustment is intended to increase flexibility and range of motion, and to bring the skeletal system into proper alignment. That alignment promotes the body’s own natural healing abilities. Spinal decompression uses specialized equipment to stretch the patient’s vertebrae, allowing the soft discs between bones the chance to rehydrate and move back into the right position if they have slipped out to any extent.

The services of a chiropractic Pain Management Specialist in Apache Junction AZ are particularly reliable in the realm of low back pain. However, many individuals experience noteworthy positive results when receiving chiropractic treatment for acute pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Extreme neck and shoulder discomfort that develops from excessive hours of typing or using a mouse, for instance, often can be successfully resolved with two or three sessions at a chiropractic clinic. The same is true for people working on assembly lines, as ultrasound technologists or as dental hygienists. Acute discomfort can develop from the repetitive actions in all these occupations.

In addition to the various therapies applied, the patient may need to take some time off from work to fully recover. Posture issues must be addressed and modified to help heal the current problem and prevent it from occurring again. A chiropractor with a clinic such as United Chiropractic may talk with the patient about healthy sleep positions, nutritional strategies and stress-busting techniques. Check out regionalpain.com for more information on this particular clinic.

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