5 Things to Do Before LASIK Surgery

by | Apr 12, 2018 | eye care center

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Wearing corrective eyewear all the time can be tiresome. If you’ve lost plenty of eye glasses over the years or suffered through complications with your contact lenses, it may be time to consider going for a change. Instead of getting yourself another pair of glasses, it may be better to seek out a surgeon for LASIK surgery. Here are a few other things you need to know if you decide to go ahead with the procedure.

Look for a center

Your neighborhood eye clinic probably won’t be the right healthcare facility. Find a reputable LASIK center near you instead.

Check out the doctors

Consider the surgeons at the facility as well. You want experts to correct your vision problems. How much experience do they have? How many cases have they handled in the past? Are they board-certified? You’ll need to figure these things out before you pick a doctor.

Look at the equipment

Advanced and up-to-date technologies and equipment make a difference in the success of your treatment. You want everything to go smoothly and without any problems. That’s much more likely if your doctor and the LASIK center is equipped with cutting-edge tools and machines. If the equipment is dated, that could compromise the success of the procedure.

Ask about the risks

Don’t just say yes to the procedure without knowing the full extent of what you are consenting to. That means asking about the risks as well. Don’t just focus on the benefits of the treatment. Know what you can expect in terms of post-operation symptoms, issues and complications. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything that may happen.

Wear the eye shields

You’ll need to protect your eyes after the surgery by wearing protective eye shields for about four to six weeks, Prevention says. Know more about this by talking to your doctor.

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