5 Signs A Person Should See A Doctor Who Performs Hearing Tests In Lancaster, PA

by | May 23, 2017 | Health

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When a person starts losing their hearing, they are often the last one to notice. In many cases, the family will realize it first. Soon after the individual starts to see the signs themselves, they often make an appointment with a doctor who performs hearing tests in Lancaster, PA. If a person suspects that they may be losing their hearing, there are a few signs that they should look for.

Difficulty Hearing in Crowds

If a person is at a party, at the mall, or in a crowded restaurant, it can be a bit difficult to hear over the noise. If the individual finds that they cannot hear in the crowd, but the rest of their party are able to, they should consider getting a hearing test.

Trouble Hearing High Pitch Voices

If an individual finds that they are able to hear their male family members and friends just fine, but they cannot hear the high pitched voices of females and small children, they should make an appointment for a hearing test. Having trouble hearing high-pitched voices is an early sign of hearing loss.

Turning Up the Volume on the Television

If a person is watching television and they find that they always needs to turn up the volume, they should make an appointment for a hearing test. This is especially true if everyone else in the room can hear the television. When everyone in the room can hear the television fine, it is a sure sign that there is a problem with the individual’s hearing.

Constantly Asking People to Repeat Themselves

If a person is speaking to people and they are constantly asking them to repeat themselves, it is a sign that there could be a problem. The sooner the individual has a hearing test and gets to the root of the problem, the better it will be for them and everyone around them.

Missing Out on Everyday Sounds

If a person finds that they are don’t always hear the alerts on their phone, someone knocking at the door, or the birds outside the window, they should contact a professional to have a hearing test. These sounds haven’t gone away; the individual is just unable to hear them.

If a person is having any of the symptoms listed above, they should make an appointment with a doctor who performs hearing tests in Lancaster, PA. For more information, visit Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster.

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