Womens Hair Solutions Found in Wigs From Arizona Hair Restorers

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Health

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Most people tend to think of men as the primary if not the sole sufferers of hair loss. This is not surprising given how it’s often spotlighted. Men losing their hair were long considered to be losing virility and thus their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Men’s hair loss was often depicted in comedies, or to make certain characters in movies look ridiculous for trying to hide under a wig.

Far less known to the public, however, is the hair loss problems suffered by women. While male hair loss became a public embarrassment, female hair loss was far more a private shame. This is because of the very heavy demands society has traditionally placed upon women for their appearance, but it goes deeper than that. Just as with men, a woman’s personal sense of self is tied up with her appearance. Hair is central to that self-definition and for a woman, to lose hair, to have bald patches, is particularly humiliating. It matters little whether the cause is congenital or medical. A lack of hair often translated into a lack of self-worth. The problem is really no worse for women than for men, but it has been made worse for women socially and therefore personally as well.

When a woman suffering from hair loss keys “Womens in Wigs Arizona” in an internet search, they’re seeking the services of professionals who offer some hope of restoring a natural and even attractive appearance. Modern hair treatments for women, fortunately, have not lagged behind those for men. As a result, there is a wide variety of hair solutions available to female clients of hair restoration facilities who can match extensions or replacements to their own exact color and texture. The end result, applied painlessly, is indistinguishable from the client’s original hair. And with the care products also available, the new replacements can be washed and combed the same as natural hair. And for those who have suffered complete hair loss from chemotherapy, full wigs matching the client’s natural hair and style can be tailored to restore fully the former appearance and also the sense of well-being.

Donte’s of New York has been in the business of hair restoration for male and female clients for over fifty years. Find their website when searching results for “Womens in Wigs Arizona” and see what they have to offer.

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