Why You Should See a Doctor After Being Involved in an Orlando Car Accident

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Medical Specialties

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After you have been in a serious car accident, there are several things you’ll have to do at the scene. Even afterwards, filing a claim and talking to a lawyer will be important actions to take, but you should also make time to see a car accident doctor in Orlando. Here are a couple reasons your medical care should be an immediate concern.

Your Health May Be at Stake
The primary reason that undergoing a medical evaluation is an urgent matter is that you have no way of knowing what injuries you have sustained. Your injuries may feel minor, but even a slight headache can be a sign of deeper trauma. Internal bleeding, traumatic head injuries, and spinal cord damage are just a few injuries that may not cause symptoms right away. Getting treated early can save your life.

Your Claim For Damages Can Be Impeded
In the past, it was a common practice for accident victims to delay medical treatment in order to allow their injuries to worsen. This was done to increase the value of their claim. In an effort to reduce this type of frivolous litigation, the courts imposed a rule that allows the plaintiff in a claim to share the fault for their damages. For example, if you delay seeing a car accident doctor in Orlando and the court determines your delay makes you 20% responsible for your injuries, your $100,000 claim will be reduced by $20,000. In some situations, a judge may disqualify you from pursuing damages at all.

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