Why Clients Choose Organic Beauty Salons in Issaquah, WA

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Health

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The world-wide effort to build a healthier planet has reached the beauty industry and customers love it. For instance, many area residents now deal only with organic Beauty Salons in Issaquah WA. Businesses like Lula Ruby Salon combine gentle, eco-friendly hair treatments with artistic styling. They also provide organic products that help clients maintain their non-toxic care regimens at home.

Beauty Treatments Do Not Have to Be Toxic

Until recently many women avoided professional hair coloring because of the harsh chemicals involved. Today even pregnant women visit organic Beauty Salons in Issaquah WA and continue their usual hair treatments. Naturally sourced ingredients eliminate the risk of chemical exposure that is dangerous to developing babies and can irritate lungs and skin. Organic products are also better for stylists and reduce the chance of health issues related to chemical exposure. Salons have no harsh, irritating chemical smell. Earth friendly clients also rest easy, knowing that no products used on them will cause pollution. Even containers are recyclable. Organic beauty businesses also support clean energy sources.

Organic Salons Offer Artistic Styling

Choosing planet friendly salons does not mean sacrificing style. In fact, stylists not only offer artistic cuts, their organic products allow them to provide a range of trendy styles. Professionals offer organic color, gloss, and highlighting. They will apply gentle camo color that covers customers’ gray hair. Artisans can paint highlights onto hair; a technique know as balayage. Customers can even arrange earth friendly ombre that leaves them with tones which shade into one another.

Clients Can Continue Healthy Hair Care at Home

An organic salon also sells a line of fine organic merchandise that makes it easy for customers to maintain their new looks. Healthy hair and body lines include Rahua, John Masters Organics, All Good, Original Sprout and Henne. Stylists provide Seattle Pomade Co. products, Color Wow for treated hair and Fairy Tales products for children.

Organic beauty salons are attracting eco-friendly customers who want to avoid harsh chemicals. These “green” businesses use plant-sourced products that are gentle and healthier for clients, stylists and the earth. Shops also sell quality organic products that allow clients to maintain beauty regimens at home.

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