What’s A Sports Podiatrist In Camberwell?

by | May 17, 2018 | Health Care

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Many Australians enjoy playing sports, running, or just focusing more on fitness. It’s an excellent way to burn excess energy and build your stamina so that you remain healthy and fit. However, it can also cause a variety of issues, such as foot pain, discomfort, and injuries.

A sports podiatrist in Camberwell is essential to have on hand when these issues come about. Podiatry isn’t just about fixing problems; you can visit before you have pain to find out which exercises work best for you, which shoes and equipment are correct, and so much more.

A sports podiatrist in Camberwell can help you perform better. They don’t prescribe illegal drugs or anything that boosts your game illegally, but they help you learn how to walk or run correctly to prevent foot and ankle problems. Along with such, they can help you determine the best stretches and when to do them, ensuring that your feet and ankles are ready for the game ahead. In some cases, your doctor may recommend that you give up your sport or do something similar because your body isn’t fully trained or just can’t handle the impact.

At Adept Podiatry, they know how fun and exciting it is to play a sport. You want to be good at what you do, even if it’s just a hobby. However, they also want you to be healthy enough to participate, as you can do more harm to your body if you’re not ready for the impact or game. They use biomechanical assessments to determine how stable and aligned your legs are. Plus, they can offer tips on what stretches or warm-ups you should do. They may also recommend orthotics, as well as other tools. A sports podiatrist in Camberwell is there to help you play well without injuring yourself.

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