What CT Men Should Know About Scarring from a Hair Transplant

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Hair Restoration

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Most men who are concerned about their receding hairline will try conventional treatments before they look at hair transplants. Over the course of a few years, they may spend thousands of dollars on treatments that produces negligible results. Once they get tired of spinning their wheels, they will start to research a hair transplant in CT.

One of the most frequent questions men ask about hair transplants pertains to the scarring. They want the hair transplant, but they do not want it to be noticeable. They are worried that the incisions made in the recipient area will result in scarring that will be visible to everyone.

It is true that grafting follicles requires that small incisions are made in the recipient area. And it is also true that this grafting can leave scars. However, the scars are so small that they are all but invisible to the untrained eye. There will be a scar in the back where the donor area is located. However, your existing hair will cover that scar.

This is where doing research is important prior to having the hair transplant in CT done. Talk to a surgeon and ask them to show you photos of other individuals who they have worked on. Ask them to show photos of the scars before you choose to go ahead and have the procedure done yourself. If it is prudent, you may want to meet some of their patients yourself to see the results.

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