Want to Know Where to Get Medical Marijuana, Find It in Philadelphia

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Health

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Pennsylvania has a compassionate medical marijuana law. It received final approval in 2016. Having passed the law, the question now becomes where to get medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in particular?

Prior to purchasing medical cannabis, a patient must have a serious medical condition and be certified by a physician. The certification must specify the qualifying condition and a statement from the physician to the effect that the patient could benefit from using medical marijuana. Once in possession of a certificate, the next step is to apply for and procure a medical marijuana identification card. With this in hand, the patient is now free to purchase his or her specific requirements from an approved dispensary.

Available Types

Medical marijuana in Philadelphia is not available in a form that can be smoked, although it is available in dried flower form for vaporization. It is dispensed in pill, oil, liquid and topical form. Manufactured marijuana edibles such as cookies or brownies are not allowed to be sold. However, cannabis in an approved form can be blended into food or beverages for ease of ingestion.


Throughout the state, the board has agreed to issue permits to a total of 50 dispensaries. Each dispensary can have up to three different locations for a total throughout the state of 150. Dispensaries can dispense medical marijuana directly to patients or the patient’s caregiver. The purchaser must have a valid ID card. The amount of medical cannabis that can be dispensed is noted on the patient’s certification.

During business hours, dispensaries must have a doctor or pharmacist on site. For those dispensaries that have multiple locations, up to three maximum, they may staff the location with a certified nurse practitioner or doctors assistant.

If you want to know where to get medical marijuana, you can purchase it at Herbology in Philadelphia. To find the specific dispensary locations, visit their website.

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