Visiting an Eye Doctor in Andover, KS: Not Just for the Benefit of Your Vision

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Eyes Vision

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When people need to have their vision checked, a trip to the Eye Doctor in Andover KS is typically in order. An eye doctor can run all the different types of tests in a routine eye exam to determine if a person needs glasses or perhaps if a person’s current eyeglass prescription needs to be changed. However, there is more to what it eye doctor does than simply determine if someone needs corrective lenses.

Eye Health

What is often overlooked is that the typical exam that is given is a vital exam to test the health of a person’s eyes. The health of a person’s eyes isn’t necessarily delineated in how good their vision is, although this can be a significant factor in a healthy set of eyes. There are also conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and even diabetes that can be spotted during a routine eye exam.

Degenerative Eye Conditions

Cataracts are typically found in elderly patients, and it is one thing that an Eye Doctor in Andover KS will be on the lookout for when administering an eye exam to people over a certain age. However, glaucoma is a disorder that can dramatically affect a person’s vision as well. Once again, this is quite common for people in an older demographic, but it is not unusual to find younger people who are in the beginning stages of glaucoma. Diagnosing this eye condition can help a person make a full recovery without dealing with a loss of vision because they weren’t diagnosed early enough.

Spotting Diabetes

One of the most important conditions that can be spotted in a typical eye exam is diabetes. Whether a person has a family history of diabetes or perhaps their physical condition puts them at risk for such a diagnosis, a routine eye exam may also detect diabetes.

If you’re having problems seeing things close up or far away, it may be time to visit an eye doctor. However, you’ll be happy to know that while testing your vision, the optometrist will also be looking for degenerative eye conditions as well as other medical conditions that can impact your overall health. To learn more about what an eye exam entails, you may want to Visit us for more information.

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