Using Veterinarians When Getting A New Cat

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Veterinarians

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When someone decides to get a cat for a pet for the very first time, they may be a bit apprehensive on the steps they will need to take to ensure it is properly cared for. Veterinarians will be able to give advice to a new pet owner if they are fearful. A new cat should be brought to a veterinary service before it is introduced to the home. This is especially important if there are other pets within the home.

A veterinarian will do a thorough examination of the cat to check for any signs of distress. Health issues would be addressed at the appointment, and a course of action would be determined to help a cat that has medical needs. This could include dietary supplements, medication, testing, or surgical procedures at the facility.

It is a good idea to ask the veterinarian for some advice about the diet the cat should be fed. They would take the cat’s weight into account and make some recommendations on the ration of canned food to dry food to keep the cat nutritionally balanced.

The veterinarian will take a look at the cat’s fur for any parasites and will administer a flea and tick repellent if necessary. The cat’s teeth would be cleaned, and laws would be clipped as well. These steps can be done at home as well. The pet owner can watch the procedures, so they learn how to do it properly.

When the cat gets home, it will need a litter box filled with cat litter, a food dish, a water bowl, and toys to keep it active. Make sure to spend plenty of time with the cat as it gets accustomed to its new home. If there are any problems with the introduction of the pet, a call to the veterinarian can be made for more advice.

When a new cat owner needs to find Veterinarians in their area to choose from, they can take a look at This will provide information about a veterinarian service as well as give information about how to care for pets. If desired, make an appointment with the veterinarian when you plan on picking up a new cat to join the family.

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