Treatments And Skin Surgery In Bethlehem, PA

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Health

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In Pennsylvania, the treatment of certain skin cancers requires surgical procedures. The most effective skin surgery provided for squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas is the Mohs surgery. The technique started in the 1930s and has progressed into a viable solution for treating the conditions. A local dermatologist provides skin surgery in Bethlehem PA to treat skin cancer.

The Steps of the Mohs Surgery

The first step of the procedure is to access the biopsy location. The surgeon determines the best method of accessing the skin cancer. Typically, the patients can wear their clothing during the procedure. Once the patient is positioned properly, the surgeon provides an anesthesia via an injection directly into the targeted area.

Next, the surgery removes a thin layer of the tissue. Once the tissue is removed, the surgeon sends it to the lab to determine if the cancerous tissue has roots beneath the skin. The assessment determines how extensive the remainder of the surgery is.

Next, the remaining tissue is sliced into sections. Each section is color-coded with a dye. As the sections are removed, the lab must conduct further assessments through a microscope. The sections are sliced into small sections for a better view.

The lab results determine if the surgeon must continue cutting more tissue from the patient. The microscope determines if there are any cancer cells remaining. If additional cells are found, the surgeon injects another round of anesthesia and completes the removal process according to the lab results.

Which Areas are Treated with the Surgery?

The surgery is ideal for cosmetic areas such as all areas of the face, scalp, fingers, toes, and the patient’s genitals. The procedure is meticulous and lowers the risk of unwanted cosmetic imperfections.

In Pennsylvania, the treatment of certain skin cancers is managed through the Mohs surgery. The procedure involves several steps that allow the surgeon to ensure all cancer cells are removed properly. The treatment won’t create any cosmetic imperfections that could hinder the patient’s self-esteem. It is performed in one office visit. Patients who want to learn more about Skin Surgery in Bethlehem PA are encouraged to contact Kirit Kothari MD today.

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