Three Signs You Might Need Mental Health Treatment for OCD

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Health

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OCD is a condition that affects many people in the Chicago area. You should not feel embarrassed if you suffer from it because you can easily obtain mental health treatment in Chicago for it. These are some signs that you might suffer from the condition:

Repeated Unwanted Thoughts

One of the signs of OCD is an upsetting number of repetitive, unwanted thoughts. Those thoughts usually involve some kind of danger or fear, whether it’s warranted or unwarranted. For example, the idea of getting sick and dying may plague your mind for most of the day every day. Mental health treatment in Chicago can help you work through those thoughts.

Compulsive Behaviors and Rituals

You may involve yourself in compulsive behaviors and rituals because of your perceived fears. For example, you might feel that you have to wash your hands 10 times after you touch something, or you might take three showers after you have contact with another human being. The key factor to pay attention to is the ritualistic nature of the actions.

Anxiety if You Do Not Complete Rituals

If you have OCD, you might feel a grave sense of anxiety if you do not complete your rituals. The anxiety can make you shake, sweat or develop a headache. You may not have OCD, but it might be wise for you to find out if you do.

It will be well worth the trouble to schedule an appointment with a provider to see if you might be suffering from OCD.

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