Three Important Reasons That It May Make Sense to Not Get an MRI

by | Oct 26, 2020 | My Md Blog

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If you’re looking into MRI imaging, you understand that getting an MRI helps doctors find out what’s going on inside of your body. MRIs help doctors determine the condition of everything from the inside of your brain to the type and extent of a bone break. While an MRI is recommended for a wide variety of medical conditions, there are certain times when a doctor may advise against one.

Some of those reasons are below.

Metal in Body

Your doctor may advise against you getting an MRI if you have any type of metal in your body. An MRI machine uses powerful magnets in order to work, so if there’s any type of metal equipment in your body, you could get injured. Types of equipment in the body to look out for include cochlear implants, artificial joints, and insulin pumps.


If you’re pregnant, your doctor will most likely advise against you getting an MRI. This is because when you get an MRI, your body temperature rises, creating an environment that could be damaging to a growing fetus’s developing organs. Most doctors will require that you go for an MRI after your first trimester, and they most likely won’t use contrast dye.


People with claustrophobia may find it extremely difficult to have an MRI done since they will be in an extremely enclosed space. Although the doctor may deem the MRI medically necessary, they may be able to give these people medicines that help them relax.

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