The Intricate Stages of Drug Discovery From Lab to Pharmacy Shelf

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Health

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You’ve just developed a medication that has the potential to save lives and provide relief to those suffering from a specific condition. In your journey filled with innovation, you have faced many challenges throughout the stages from inception to formulation. Nevertheless, you remain dedicated to advancing medicine.

The Intricate Stages from Lab to Pharmacy Retail Shelf

By this point, you’ve likely navigated through the pre-drug discovery, hit, and high-throughput phases of medication development. Your focus has now shifted towards clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and distribution, requiring the compilation of a comprehensive pharmaceutical research and development package, which includes dosage and drug delivery applications.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Whether your medication is an injectable or a nasal spray, it is vital to select only the best types of materials to use when it comes to manufacturing your pharmaceutical product. Not only to ensure the medication maintains consistency and stability, but to also ensure that the packaging is highly durable to withstand the distribution process.

World-Class Manufacturer

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