The Benefits of Acorn Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Health

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One’s home should be a place of comfort, serenity, and security. What happens, though, when a staircase becomes a challenge to use, or worse yet a safety hazard? Nobody ever wants to see their independence become reduced, and by using Acorn Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA, they can still retain independence. This guide will illustrate how stair lifts can provide the effortless connection between all floors of a home with a quiet, stylish elegance while providing the user with confidence.

How Are They Installed?

Stair lifts can be installed on any type of curved or straight staircase. There is a misconception that stair lifts will create damage to their walls. The stair lift is connected to the stairs, and not the walls and will not adversely impact any part of the walls in a home. Consulting the experts at McArdle Surgical Pittsburgh PA can reassure customers how easy an installation can be.

A Basic Power Supply Will Suffice

Acorn Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA can be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet. This saves money by not having to hire an electrician to construct a custom outlet. A backup battery unit can be purchased which will operate the stair lift in the event of a power outage to the home. This will also ensure that nobody is ever stranded when power is lost.

Visit a Showroom For a Demonstration

Customers should see for themselves what they wish to purchase. Visit a surgical supply company that will offer free maintenance for the first year on all stair lift installations. Companies should also be willing to provide customers with a free, no obligation in-home visit.

Ride In Comfort

Many stair lifts have padded seats and backrests which provide for additional comfort and support, besides providing a very smooth ride. Most models come with directional paddle switches which are easy to operate, even by those who have limited dexterity. Models also come with lockable seats that swivel to provide added security for users when they are getting on and off the lift. This feature allows the user to get safely on and off of the stair lift without ever having to twist their body.

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