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by | Mar 16, 2018 | Healthcare

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Keeping a family member at home instead of at a nursing facility can save money and lead to a better quality of life. But, many older family members with health or mental issues need round the clock or at least part of the day care by professional nursing care services. Some people need just a little help, and others need help with every aspect of their lives. Services such as Family First Homecare Jacksonville offer help at every level a family member might need.

Choosing The Correct Level Of Healthcare Services

Nursing Care in Jacksonville FL company representatives is qualified to meet with a future client’s family to determine the level of care they may require. The family budget must be considered in the discussions. The physical needs and budget must be reconciled in a practical treatment plan. Families may end up interviewing several home nursing companies before they find a perfect fit. Once a company is chosen and a plan is agreed to, the senior patient must approve the caregivers. Because they will be spending a lot of time together, personality does matter.

Once the company and individual caregiver are chosen and care begins, the family must check on the performance of the service regularly. Then periodically, the care plan must be reviewed and changed to meet changing needs for care of the patient.

Levels Of Home Caregivers

The best Nursing Care in Jacksonville FL companies have several levels of nursing care providers.

• The top level of employees includes registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. These professionals can monitor ventilators, do tracheotomy care, handle gastrostomy tube feedings, and administer medications.

• The next level of employees includes certified nurse assistants and home health care aides. They are trained to help with everyday activities, ambulation, transfers, medication reminders, transportation, and personal grooming.

• Then, there are companions who are trained to help with cooking, personal care, transportation, errands, and housekeeping assistance.

These employees can be hired for one to 24 hours per day. Other specialists can visit the patient at determined times. They include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other specialists. There can also be visits from a registered nurse. The care-giving company can offer hospice care, short-term or long-term care, and post-hospitalization care. Visit the website for more information.

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