Recovering From Sport Injuries

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Chiropractor

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Recovering from Sports Injuries is often far more complicated than many people initially imagine. While the body does have the ability to heal itself, the person directing that body has to know how to position the body to actually do that healing without interruption. This does not necessarily mean resting around the clock. In fact, doing nothing but resting an injury could lead to atrophy, making it far harder to get back to full functionality in the long term. Today, many doctors and chiropractors recommend a natural approach for healing sports injury.

The cornerstone of a recovery plan for any sports injury is often skilled chiropractic care. The reason that chiropractic adjustments are so effective is that a chiropractor adjusts the spinal column, the command center for the body’s nerve network. When the body gets pain signals, they are sent from that spinal column and relayed to the brain. Sometimes, the spine is directly connected to areas of the body that are quite far apart. For example, a properly adjusted spinal column can help heal a shoulder or arm injury.

In addition, to spinal adjustments, many people who suffer from a sports injury find that complementary physiotherapy techniques are enormously helpful in the healing process. One of the most common of these is heat therapy. Heat therapy has been found to be just as effective as over the counter medications like ibuprofen in some patients. Many chiropractic caregivers recommend a regimen that alternates heat therapy with cold therapy. Some people also benefit from water therapy, for example, time in the whirlpool or time spent in the shower with the shower head targeting the injury for several minutes at a time.

Electrical muscle stimulation techniques can also be helpful for injuries in which pain is holding back the healing process. These small electrodes are placed directly against the skin in the injured area, and then a minimal electrical current will be used to shock the muscles gently. This can be very helpful for pain relief and can even help loosen up scar tissue buildup. If you are looking for a natural way to recover from Sports Injuries, check out the Fort Campbell Chiropractic website.

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