Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery In Dallas

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Weight Loss Service

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Many types of surgical procedures are done with very little in the way of patient preparation. This is not the case with weight loss surgery where patient preparation and commitment to following the plan is a critical factor for Dallas weight loss centers in approving the patient for surgery.

The Importance of Preparation

There have been several studies completed about the importance of preparing for weight loss surgery. A study by Stanford School of Medicine found that for every one percent of weight loss before surgery, patients lost an additional 1.8% after the procedure. Weight loss before surgery will also shorten the surgical procedure time and also help to reduce the risk of post-op complications.

There is a substantial body of evidence that shows those people who lose weight in the months before the procedure are more likely to integrate healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices that promote long-term weight loss and maintenance. Patients that lose less pre-surgery were more likely to fail to sustain healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices and ultimately result in significant weight gain.

The Timeline

While some patients in Dallas will start changing their exercise levels and dietary habits three to six months before the procedure, many patients may start this change at least a year before the surgery. Most doctors will use the three-month time as a minimum for preparation for weight loss surgery.

During this time, you will need to learn to eat for portion control, learn to focus on healthy foods and protein and also to change your eating patterns. For example, after surgery, it will be important not to eat and drink at the same time, so learning to wait an hour after eating to drink is a great way to learn the behavior.

Other changes include eliminating alcohol and smoking cessation. In addition, candidates for bariatric surgery will be encouraged to attend support group meetings and start a reasonable and progressive exercise program to aid in their long-term weight loss and maintenance goals.

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