Orthotics Foot in Mansfield, OH and Other Devices to Support Parts of the Body

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Health

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An Orthotics Foot in Mansfield OH helps people regain mobility. An orthotics shoe insert helps to manage a number of foot disorders. They position the feet evenly in a shoe and assist in proper walking to prevent aggravating a foot condition.

Finding the Right Orthotic Shoe Device

A custom-made Orthotics Foot in Mansfield OH is for those with a unique foot problem needing a device that treats a specific issue. Still, nonprescription devices found in the store can effectively treat many foot disorders. These over-the-counter devices can be located at sporting good, retail, drug, and grocery stores.

Over-the-counter foot orthotics are sold at reasonable prices so, if one does not help, the consumer won’t be at a great loss. A doctor will usually advise patients to use this option first. If a store-bought product does not work, the doctor will refer the patient to a specialist who prepares a fitting for a custom-made orthotic.

Orthotics for the Upper Body

Orthotics for the upper extremities support body parts like the shoulders, arms, elbows, and wrists. They are designed to stabilize or immobilize. Positional supports can be used to prevent contractures, which means the muscles and tendons shorten and harden. They’re also used to help a body part properly align. The end goal is to obtain a controllable range of motion.

Soft supports are braces made from fabric, canvas, and neoprene. They support many segments of the upper extremities. Fracture orthoses are used to support and protect the area where a bone was fractured. Devices that support fractures are designed to stabilize and immobilize the area. This allows for the fractured bone to fuse back together with no disturbance.

Spinal Orthotics

Spinal orthotics include back and neck braces. These devices support areas from the jaw to the lower back. They’re used to treat injuries and many conditions. A cervical collar treats injuries and degenerative diseases. It protects weakened necks and provides a lot of support for the cervical and thoracic region.

Spinal orthotics are used to treat conditions like scoliosis, and for spinal stabilization after surgery. There are devices that limit movement and ease the strain on the spine. Other devices can be custom molded to support areas that are incapacitated and to stabilize curves in the spine. Browse the website for more information.

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