Your Options for Substance Abuse Recovery

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Clinics and Practitioners

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Are you or a loved one seeking Substance Abuse Treatment in Broward County? There are many options for you to choose between. Which type of treatment program you attend will depend largely on your individual needs and what you’re hoping to achieve through treatment.

Here are just a few of the choices you have for Substance Abuse Treatment:

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment options are great for modern participants with busy schedules – and lighter needs. Those who feel that they can benefit from working with medical professionals, mental health associates, and peer support staff to achieve sobriety and better health – without needing inpatient care – are good candidates for outpatient treatment. These programs allow people to continue going to work or school and tending to familial or other obligations.

Residential Treatment

There are two types of residential drug addiction treatment. Short-term residential treatment typically lasts less than thirty days – more frequently averaging a few days to two weeks – and is focused primarily on detoxification and stabilization of the participant. Once the patient is stable and thinking clearly, they can make better decisions about how to proceed with treatment.

Long-term residential care is typically 30-90 days in length or even longer and is more intensive in nature. It is best for patients who have struggled with addiction for longer periods of time or who have relapsed multiple times during previous recovery attempts.

Drug Counseling

One option for ongoing treatment and complementary care is drug counseling. This is one phase of treatment that may occur at almost any time and may be court-ordered after or in place of intensive treatment methods in some cases.

Some drug counseling programs operate in a group model, while others use individual counseling to increase patient participation. Regardless of the approach, these programs are great for adding to an existing course of treatment or providing support after the treatment phase has been completed.

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