Mental Health Treatments You May Not Know

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Health

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There are a lot of mental health illnesses and disorders that have been found, so there are also a lot of different treatments that someone can try. There are common treatments including group therapy, individual therapy, electroshock therapy, and medication treatments. Here are some available mental health services in Burnsville that you may not have heard of before.


Dialectical behavior therapy is for people who have borderline personality disorders. This type of cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the psychosocial parts of the treatment. Some people that suffer from borderline personality disorders may react in uncommon emotional ways to certain situations; one uncommon way some people react includes becoming aroused.

A lot of these people also will go from one emotional extreme to the other, and have no skills to help them cope with these drastic leaps of emotions. This form of therapy will help a person understand and use their strengths to help them cope with emotional situations. People will also learn how to build their confidence. Overall, this therapy can help some people learn how to deal with their severe emotional reactions in a healthy and positive way.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is for people that have suffered from a severe emotional life trauma. This form of therapy can give patients about the same, if not better, results that can take years of psychotherapy to achieve. This therapy treatment will train the patients mind to see that it can heal from emotional damage the same way that it can heal from physical pain. A lot of people who suffer from PTSD have tried EMDR; some studies show up to a 98% success rate. EMDR therapy is divided into eight different phases. A therapist will make a thorough and detailed treatment plan for each individual patient. The great thing about this form of therapy is that it can be tailored to fit everyone’s personal needs.

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