Leg Health and Pain Relief With Compression Stockings in Pittsburg, PA

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Healthcare

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Compression wear is useful for people with a variety of health conditions including poor circulation, as well as the following surgery and to provide relief from varicose veins. Patients may feel concerned when they are told by a doctor to wear these helpful stockings because they remember the thick, unattractive and uncomfortable hosiery they saw their elderly grandparents wearing. Luckily, wearing compression stockings no longer means giving up a sense of fashion.

Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA are now available in very effective designs that provide as much support as previous versions, but also look stylish. There are numerous colors that have the same appearance as any set of tights. There are even footless tights for people that prefer to wear open-toed shoes and sandals. Women will find that the stockings are slightly more difficult to put on that pantyhose because of their tight fit, but they are put on in a similar fashion. By rolling the stocking to the toe and putting the foot into it as far as possible, it can then be rolled up the leg. Once the stocking is smoothed into place, the wearer will usually begin to notice the reduction of discomfort immediately.

Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA are also beneficial for pregnant women. The stockings improve circulation by helping to push the blood back up the legs. This prevents swelling in the ankles and feet and helps to control varicose veins from developing. They may also reduce or eliminate leg cramping. There is no potential harm to the fetus and compression pantyhose are available in maternity sizes if the woman prefers a full-length stocking instead of a knee-high.

Compression wear is available for men and women and assistance with using the products safely and effectively may require some assistance at first. It can be confusing for some people to choose what style is best for them and many people have questions about the product. Contact McArdle Surgical with any questions or concerns before placing an order or stop into the location for more information. They offer a convenient direct phone number on their website and have social media pages where additional information can be found.

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