Lap Band Surgery: When Is It Right For You?

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Health Care

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Obesity and morbid obesity are on the rise in North America. Those who have this problem often suffer from comorbidities. These include such health problems as, cardiovascular disease, degenerative joint disease, diabetes and respiratory disease which can decrease life expectancy. One way of combating weight problems and the associated risks is to undergo lap band surgery. The question you and your doctor in Las Cruces should ask is this, “When is banding right for you?”

When Should You Consider Lap Band Surgery?

Prospective patients who wonder if they are suitable candidates for banding need to look at their situation and take into consideration a variety of factors that will influence the actual process as well as the post-operative period. One of the determining factors a weight reduction surgeon in Las Cruces will take into account is the current weight of the patient. In other words, your doctor will look at your current weight and your BMI. If your BMI is at least 40, you should consider lap banding. If you have a BMI less than 40 but suffer from various comorbidities, your doctor may also recommend lap band surgery.

Your BMI is one of the deciding factors; others include:

  • Age: You must be at least 18
  • Weight Loss Attempts: Have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through “traditional means” e.g. diet, exercise, and even medications
  • Attitude: You must have an attitude that demonstrates the ability to make substantial changes in eating habits and other lifestyle characteristics. Lap band surgery will help reduce your weight, but you need to make changes to keep the weight off
  • Drinking Habits: Are not an excessive drinker of alcoholic beverages
  • Health: Do not suffer from a disease that relates directly to weight gain, are not pregnant or intend to become pregnant. The latter will require readjustment of the lap band

In Las Cruces, your surgeon will work with you to determine if and when lap band surgery is right for you.

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