How to Prepare for Lasik Surgery in Honolulu

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Eyes Vision

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It used to be the case that consumers who had bad vision had to resign themselves to wearing glasses for the rest of their lives. Today, they have plenty of other options, including laser eye surgery. This procedure, also known as Lasik Surgery in Honolulu, boasts a remarkably high success rate and is growing in popularity every year.

Already have an appointment set up for laser eye surgery? Read on to find out how best to prepare below.

Stop Wearing Contacts

Those patients who wear contacts instead of glasses will have to stop wearing them in advance. Hard contact lenses should be avoided for at least a month before to surgery, while soft contacts only need to be switched out for glasses for about a week in advance. Patients who wear contacts to correct astigmatisms generally need to stop wearing them around three weeks before their surgeries.

Arrange a Ride

Although Lasik Surgery in Honolulu is a simple, outpatient procedure, it’s important to realize that those undergoing surgery will not be able to drive on the way home. They should arrange to have a friend or family member come along or swing by when the procedure has been completed to offer a ride home.

Avoid Eye Makeup

Patients should avoid eye makeup and eye creams for at least 24 hours before their surgeries. They should also avoid wearing perfume or cologne.

Avoid Alcohol

Patients should abstain from drinking alcohol and taking medications that are known to cause drowsiness before to getting Lasik surgery. There’s usually no need to fast before laser eye surgery, though, so patients don’t have to worry about what they eat for breakfast the day of their procedures.

Leave Plenty of Time

The actual process of performing Lasik surgery only takes a few minutes. However, it’s important that patients show up well in advance for their surgeries so that they can fill out paperwork and undergo additional intake procedures.

Learn More Today

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