How Does A Foot and Ankle Center in Naples FL Help A Patient?

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Health

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A foot and ankle center in Naples FL can help people with various disorders including those caused by birth defects or sports injuries. The doctor can also advise people with diabetes on how to care for their feet in order to prevent problems.

What Kinds of Services Are Available?
A foot and ankle center in Naples FL can provide care for patients of all ages. They can treat any injury involving the foot or ankle. They can, for example, treat plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain, with shockwave therapy (ESWT.)

Why Do People with Diabetes Develop Foot Problems?
Diabetes can gradually cause complications like reduced blood flow to the feet, which makes it harder for injuries to heal. It also increases the foot’s susceptibility to infection. Diabetes can also damage the nerves so the feet gradually lose sensation. A patient with diabetes can thus hurt their foot and not realize it. They may then develop a non-healing wound or infection that can become severe enough to require amputation.

What Is Turf Toe?
Turf toe is a sports injury affecting the big toe. In many cases, the patient has sprained their big toe while running or jumping. They can also develop turf toe if they jam their toes. Turf toe causes swelling, pain, and reduced movement. Turf toe is most commonly seen in football players, but it can also affect dancers, gymnasts, wrestlers, and athletes who play soccer or basketball.

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