Here’s Why Your Children Should See an Eye Doctor in Murfreesboro, TN

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Health

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We all understand that children should go to see the local pediatrician or hospital emergency room when they are ill. We also understand that dental health is just as important these days but how many people see their local eye doctor or optometrist in the same light? The fact is that an optometrist can diagnose and treat a wide range of optical conditions and in this context, it is important to take every child to have his or her vision checked out.

How to Know When Your Child Needs to See an Optometrist

We all know when it’s time to take a child to the emergency department in the hospital. A very high fever, shakes, and other serious issues all lead to the local hospital but how many parents can see the signs of vision problems? Here are some of the symptoms that every parent should be looking for that could indicate a visit to the local eye doctor in Murfreesboro, TN:

• Headaches: Either headaches or migraines could indicate that your child has a vision problem. This could be the result of straining to see.

• Classroom Performance: Does your child complain that he or she cannot see the writing on a blackboard or whiteboard at the front of the class? Behavior issues and slipping grades can sometimes be related to vision problems.

• Squinting: If your child squints, it could be a sign that he or she is straining to see something at a distance. Have your child checked by the local eye doctor for peace of mind?

What Can Your Optometrist Do for Your Children?

Short-sightedness, astigmatism, and long-sightedness are all common vision problems and they can certainly appear in our children and cause multiple issues. An experienced eye doctor can test for and evaluate all of these issues, and provide a solution. Browse the website for more information.

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