Getting A Skin Treatment in Bethlehem PA

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Health

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When someone suffers from dry skin, they decide to get a skin treatment in Bethlehem PA to help with this problem. Since dry skin can cause itchiness and redness, trying to avoid it altogether is desired. Here are some steps that can be taken to battle dry skin problems.

Bath With Skin In Mind

When hot water is used in a shower or bath, the natural oils within skin will deteriorate. This can lead to dryness. Avoid using scalding water and opt for a lukewarm temperature instead. It is a good idea to apply a moisturizing bath gel to the body when bathing to help keep skin soft as well.

Dry The Skin Appropriately

When skin gets wet, the need to dry it is present. It is best to avoid rubbing the skin with a towel after bathing as this will wipe away oils needed to keep skin supple. Instead, drip-drying for a bit will help to keep oils intact. Do not use a hair dryer directly on the skin as this will exacerbate dry skin problems.

Cover Skin In Cooler Temperatures

If someone goes outdoors when temperatures are below freezing, they subject their skin to dryness. It is a good idea to don a pair of gloves, a hat, long-sleeves, and pants when going outdoors so skin is protected properly. Applying a moisturizing cream to the skin before getting dressed will add a protective barrier to keep it from drying as well.

See A Physician For A Treatment

At the first signs of a dry skin condition, seeing a specialist is best. They will do an evaluation of the extent of dryness present and make recommendations regarding a treatment plan that will work in reversing the situation.

When there is a need to get a Skin Treatment in Bethlehem PA, finding the right business to assist is important. Get more information online or stop by the office to ask questions pertaining to the different methods used. An appointment can then be made to have an assessment of the skin conducted by a professional. Treatments can then be scheduled if needed.

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