Gender Dysphoria Does Not Have to Define Trans Children’s Lives

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Transgender Surgeons

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Any person who identifies and expresses that they are trans is worthy of respect – period. According to research, even young children are able to discern their gender. The length of time before requesting confirmation varies, but people know early in life that they are transgender. One of the first signs of self-recognition is gender dysphoria in children.

What Is Gender Dysphoria?

can manifest in many ways, and therefore, the definition is vague. However, dissonance with one’s self-perception and the physical characteristics that society has constructed to imply gender is a major component. These feelings result in stress that is expressed as gender dysphoria.

Children Experiencing Gender Dysphoria Have Everything to Gain

Gender dysphoria in children does not necessarily mean that they are transgender, so it is important for children to have guidance early on to help them navigate their feelings. For those who are transgender, receiving this support could be life changing. Children who are not transgender can also be helped via learning to understand their feelings and what they mean.

The Whole Family Grows Together

Some of the stress experienced by children may be caused by the worries, confusion, or discomfort of their parents. Consider a therapy program in Plano, TX, that focuses on the inclusion of parents in addition to the guidance of the child to help reduce this source of stress.

Transitioning Is Not the Goal

Treating gender dysphoria in children does not mean encouraging them to transition. There are a great number of people who identify as transgender and chose not to transition. The goal of guiding children with gender dysphoria is to help them better understand themselves and to navigate the world around them. The choice is always theirs to make or not make.

Gender dysphoria is a difficult experience for anyone, but children are especially vulnerable. It is important that they receive the support and guidance necessary to live a fulfilling and confident life.

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