Choosing Wigs and Extensions That Will Look Natural and Beautiful on You

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Health

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As you get older, your hair starts to gray and thin. When you look in the mirror, you no longer recognize yourself and wonder what cosmetic steps that you can take to make yourself look and feel younger.

Rather than dye your hair, you can get fuller and darker hair by wearing wigs. These tips can help you find pieces with dark wig tint and natural appearances that will be an asset to the look for which you are going.

Realistic Materials

A significant part of choosing a piece with dark wig tint involves considering those that are made out of realistic materials. Most wigs on the market are not made out of real human hair. Instead, they are crafted from synthetic materials or horsehair that resembles human hair.

When you are shopping for wigs, you want to select those that have a realistic gloss and color to them. Wigs that are overly glossy or alternatively not glossy enough can look fake and tip everyone off to the fact that you are wearing a wig.

Blended Hairlines

You also want to choose wigs that have hairlines that will blend into your own. You ideally want the synthetic weave to be concealed when you put it on. You need the split at the top of the wigs as well as the hairlines along your ears and neck to blend in with the color of your skin.

You could have to try the wigs on before you know how well it will pair with your skin tone. You have to match the tint of the wig to the color of your skin in order to get the most natural appearance.

These tips are some to keep in mind when shopping for wigs to wear. They can make you look younger and give you fuller hair.

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