Chemical Peels: Extraordinarily Clear, Refreshed and Revived Skin Treatment that Eradicates Damaged Skin Cells

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Medical Spa

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Imperfections of the skin is something many people hold in common. It can be genetic, due to environmental conditions or from allergic reactions to certain skin care products. Some regimens that treat dermatitis and allergic reactions that develop blemishes on the skin might only work on certain skin types with conditions that are mild to moderate. Because of these limitations, it can be hard to find a product that works for specific needs.

Chemical Peels are designed to treat a variety of skin problems. Individuals with dull skin texture, acne, fine lines and uneven skin tone can benefit from Chemical Peels. There are three different procedures meant to have their own effects. The Gentle Exfoliating Designer Peel creates fresh, luminous complexions. The skin gains a supple, healthy looking texture. The Moderate Exfoliating technique is for conditions of the surface of the skin that’re more visible. Small skin eruptions can be peeled away with this. An entire layer of skin is shed with very noticeable results that are seen within three days. Superficial Designer Peels deliver total skin rejuvenation within a week. All defective skin cells are eradicated. New cells are dispersed over the skin surface for refreshed and radiant skin. Multiple layers of damaged skin are peeled away leaving no signs of the flaws that were there before.

Microdermabrasion is another skin treatment modality that eliminates visible flaws on the surface of the skin. Skin with sun damage, superficial scars, clogged and enlarged pores and wrinkles are fit for microdermabrasion. It’s an exfoliation process with one type being used with crystals. Crystal Microdermabrasion uses a formula that consists of small abrasive crystals. The crystals remove the outermost layers of damaged or dead skin. Crystal Free Microdermabrasion has a diamond-fixed tip that rids the upper epidermis of dead and damaged skin cells. There’s no discomfort during the process, and the procedure is not invasive to the skin. Pigmented spots from sun damaged skin fade away. Superficial scars can no longer be seen or are barely visible after this treatment. Pores become smaller, and fine lines on the face diminish.

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