The Benefits of Enrolling in Informative Addiction Educational Programs

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Mental Health

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With the national conversation now on the issue of widespread addiction problems, more people are desiring to learn what they can do to help a friend, family member or their community. There is an outstanding addiction recovery and mental health treatment organization that offers several levels of effective and informative educational programming in Minneapolis and nearby residents can take advantage of. These classes are divided into three different Discovery Class intensity levels. Level 1 – This is a 6 hour addiction educational program designed for teens and their parents. Typically divided into two class sessions, this is a shorter overview drug and alcohol awareness discovery class that uses lecture, group activities, role play and interactive learning. Both teens and parents may speak privately with counselors.

At Level 2, this more intensive 12 hour educational programming in Minneapolis, where inhabitants can also focuses on drug and alcohol awareness. This class goes beyond the short and long term consequences of drug/alcohol use from level 1, with various consequences of addiction included. The focus of much of the teaching will be on forming non-chemical types of coping skills. This is an excellent way to learn healthier ways of dealing with stress and other emotional situations.

The third Discovery Class is level 3, this is an 18-25 hour very intensive drug and alcohol awareness program designed to build on the first two classes. Again, the educational material will be divided up into several shorter sessions. This class takes the above class material and personalizes it for each student. Individual assessments are completed by trained addiction recovery specialists that could include mental health assessment too. The specialists will then give their expert recommendations for treatment going forward. Learn more regarding educational programming in Minneapolis addiction recovery treatment River Ridge offers at online.

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