Be Safe by Choosing a Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

by | May 16, 2019 | Health

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It’s no wonder that medical supply businesses offering mobility aids are growing. With 40 million citizens being over the age of 65, everything from compression stockings, bathing aids, wheelchairs, and stair lifts are needed to keep those citizens safe and living at home. No one wants to spend their days in a skilled nursing facility or a personal care home if they can live independently at home. Many elderly people are deciding that, if they have a stair lift installed, they won’t have to leave the home they’ve lived in for many years.

Medical Supplies Are Available For Every Need

Everyone has different illnesses or needs. They may require assistance related to joint pain, loss of limbs, strokes, diabetes, heart problems, or cancer. Knowing there is help right around the corner is extremely encouraging to an elderly person or one that requires various therapies. McArdle Surgical has been assisting people with Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA for years. Patients in the area are welcomed to visit their showroom to see the walkers, canes, safety bathroom accessories, and lift chairs that offer a much safer home environment.

Getting Around Safely

Maintaining one’s balance can become very tricky when a person grows older. What used to be second nature often becomes very difficult. Falls are responsible for many people’s broken bones and stints in the hospital. It’s a long and precarious way up the steps to the upstairs bedroom. To remain in their homes, elderly citizens and others who can’t make it upstairs are bedding downstairs. Why create a bedroom downstairs when a homeowner simply needs a Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA?

Choose From a Vast Array of Products and Equipment

There are numerous products available to keep a person safe in their own home. No longer will they have to enter a personal care home if they’re safe in their own home. Independence is highly regarded today. Out-of-state children will also feel much safer knowing their parents have a stair lift, bathroom safety equipment, personal care items, wheelchairs, and braces that help them get through the day and night safely. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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