Animal Dentistry Can Improve the Smell of Your Dog’s Breath

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Veterinarians

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You cannot help but like it when your dog looks up at you and smiles affectionately. However, that special moment can turn sour quickly when you get a whiff of doggie breath. If you have not had your dog’s teeth checked and cleaned, now is the time to make an appointment.

Have Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned by the Vet

When you take your dog to a vet who specializes in animal dentistry, you will soon find that your dog’s breath will improve as well as his or her health. A veterinarian can improve your dog’s dental health by removing the tartar on his or her teeth, which will improve your dog’s problem with halitosis.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

When you practice animal dentistry at home, it will involve regularly brushing your dog’s teeth. Your dentist can show you the proper way to take on this protocol. Usually, you will begin by massaging your canine’s gums and teeth with your finger. Next, you will apply a toothpaste that is pleasant to your dog’s palate, such as one that is flavored with chicken or beef. Use a toothbrush that is designed especially for canine dental hygiene. In fact, all the dental items that you use for taking care of your dog’s teeth should be especially made for dogs.

Add a Bit of Mint

Another way to keep your dog’s dental health in check is to give your pet fresh water each day. Make sure that you clean his or her bowl daily as well to prevent harmful bacteria from developing on the doggy dish. It is also a good idea to offer kibble and dental treats. Treats such as these can reduce the tartar buildup that leads to gum disease. Still another way to freshen up your doggy’s breath is to add a bit of mint to his or her food. This type of herb is safe for a dog to ingest.

If you want to schedule a dental cleaning and checkup, you can easily do so by contacting Aztec Animal Hospital at 8140 E. McDowell Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. Contact the practice. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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