4 Most Common Types of Orthopedic Surgery in Sacramento, CA

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Health

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Orthopedic doctors are trained and qualified to help diagnose and treat medical conditions and injuries that have to do with your muscles and skeleton. They can also recommend and often perform orthopedic surgeries. While physical therapy and sometimes medication are a first resort and treatments can vary, surgery may be required to solve a number of orthopedic problems.

Most orthopedic surgeries are the last treatment considered to solve muscle or bone-related pain or injury, however, some surgeries are more common than others. To learn more, here are the four most common types of orthopedic surgery in Sacramento, CA.

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is often performed on patients with severe pain, often caused by arthritis. Any damaged part of the joint can be replaced with metal or plastic prosthesis. In some cases, the entire joint has to be replaced. This will reduce or eliminate pain as well as restore full motion to the patient.

Shoulder Replacement

While it may sound painful, shoulder replacement can be just what a patient needs to recover over time. Both damaged joint and cartilage can be replaced with metal and plastic through orthopedic surgery.

ACL Reconstruction

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a major stabilizing ligament of the knee, required for all types of physical activity including simple tasks like walking. It is known for tearing due to twisting and participating in some sports. During orthopedic surgery, damaged tissue is removed and tissue is introduced to make a new ACL. It can be attached and screwed into place against the bone.

Spine Surgery

Last but not least, spinal surgery is sometimes required to stabilize issues and solve pain problems. Patients can often benefit from improved mobility, less pain, and more. Spinal fusion is one of the most common procedures to prevent pulling of the nerves between the spine. Browse us to learn more.

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