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The Advantages of Lafayette, Indiana, Senior Apartments Near a University

Many individuals look forward to retirement as a time when they can pursue activities they’ve had no time for. Some want to take college classes for fun and learning purposes or even to complete a degree program. Moving to senior apartments in Lafayette, Indiana, close to Purdue University, makes this dream obtainable.

A New Sense of Freedom

Selling a big house and moving to a retirement community can result in a new sense of freedom. These men and women no longer have the responsibilities of home maintenance, yard work, and snow removal from paved surfaces and the roof. They can redirect more of their time and energy toward lifelong learning. If the new home is close to a university, that’s a distinct advantage.


Living within a few miles of a college campus makes it easy for seniors to take courses for free in a lifelong learning program. Some individuals may be interested in finishing a degree they began long ago or starting a new one. It’s been decades since there was enough time for these goals. Now, however, after retiring and moving to a community with senior apartments in Lafayette, Indiana, a new lifestyle awaits.

Special Events

Another advantage of this location is easy access to a broad range of events held on campus. Universities regularly present concerts, theater plays, workshops, and other events. Someone who’s taking classes in person sees notices about these activities posted around campus. Other individuals can check the school’s calendar of events online.

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