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Medical Supply Store Near Metro Detroit, MI for Compression Garments

Compression garments play an important role in providing comfort to patients suffering from fluid retention and pain. Medical supply stores near Metro Detroit, MI, offer various types of compression garments designed to suit the needs of people with circulation problems, cancer, and edema. Here are some ways compression garments can contribute to your overall comfort and health by providing you with therapeutic support, controlled pressure, and comfort.

Enhanced Circulation

One of the most important advantages of compression garments is their ability to enhance blood circulation and support certain parts of the body. For example, compression stockings help soothe the pain from swollen legs and help minimize the development of varicose veins. They not only help keep you comfortable, but they also help reduce muscle fatigue and enhance mobility. In addition, compression garments are often recommended to patients who have blood clots in their legs and lymphedema, which refers to fluid retention in an arm or leg caused by cancer treatment.

Postoperative Healing

Another important role compression garments play in the healing process includes postoperative recovery. They are often prescribed to reduce post-surgical swelling and to provide support to certain parts of the body during the healing process. Compression garments your healthcare provider may prescribe following surgery may include an abdominal binder if you had abdominal surgery and support bras if you had breast surgery. Medical supply stores near Metro Detroit, MI, will have the compression garments you need to suit your unique recovery circumstances. For more information about compression garments, visit Befitting You Medical Supply today.

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